Here are a selection of the workshops I have designed and presented to date.  You will find the workshop notes as well as their accompanying Prezis.  Enjoy!


Visual Literature: Using TV Shows, Commercials, and Short Films to Teach

Session Objectives:

Within this session you will learn to see television shows as a means for heightening student engagement in the understanding of grammar, writing, and literature.  You will be able to embed television show clips to show brief examples of various English Language Arts concepts (i.e. tone, mood, plot structure, organizational structure, hooks, point of view, and word choice).  You will also be presented with specific strategies to make including such visual media in the lesson planning process quick, easy, and stress-free.


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Making Technology Work for You to Enhance Student Engagement

We educators are required to do a myriad of things and teach on top of it all.  Why not let technology do a lot of the work for us, so we can continue to be quality educators and people (with less stress in our lives)?

Session Objectives:

  • Through this session, you will learn how to utilize technology to:
    • blog/tweet
    • communicate with students
    • create shortcuts to lesson and unit planning
    • differentiate lessons
    • grade some assessments on your behalf
    • contact parents regarding:
      • student behavior
      • classroom news
      • school happenings
    • increase technological literacy
    • manage student behavior

Playing with Classroom Management

Session Synopsis/Objectives:

Wouldn’t it be great if students worked hard to manage the classroom? In this session, participants will learn how to turn management of the classroom into a series of easy-to-implement games that will foster teamwork, personal responsibility, and heighten student engagement. Each participant will leave with all of the tools necessary to implement as much or as little as they would like and customize it to meet the needs of his or her classroom environment.

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