How can I help you transform your school and classroom using technology?  Check out the resources below to see exactly what I have done, am doing, and can do that will benefit you and your school.

Stretching Student Learning: As an educator, I think it is paramount that we model for our students what we want for them to do.  I am a lifelong learner and work to show everyone I teach, whether student, colleague, or district level personnel, that we can use technology to deepen learning, not to replace traditional quality teaching.  Below are a couple of examples of me doing exactly that.

  • Genius Hour Padlet
    • My students participated in a self-directed study called “Genius Hour” twice this past year.  They had to research a topic of their choosing, document what they had learned, and present it to the class.
  • Instagram Scavenger Hunt
    • While away at the ASCD Conference this March, I kept in contact with my students by asking them to send me on a scavenger hunt through Houston, Texas where the conference was taking place.  They were lured with the promise of extra credit, but ended up engaging in an interesting exploration of Texas along with me.  This project also enabled me to show the students a slightly sillier side of me (which they saw on a daily basis), one of our Academic Coaches, and our principal.

Professional Development Sessions: I have had the honor and pleasure of presenting to my colleagues through a variety of means.  Most notably, I have been a repeated presenter at the Cobb County Professional Learning Day, the Teachers Leading Cobb Forward Conference, within my school through “Teacher Features” and in-house technology sessions, and have also presented on behalf of the Georgia Department of Education.  The link takes you to some of those presentations’ materials.

Personal Learning Experiences:  As mentioned above, I am constantly tinkering with and learning about new tech tools that can be used to help teachers, students, and administrators improve the learning within each classroom.  Below are some of the projects upon which I am currently working.


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